This is such a strange sensation. It is like running continuously without even stopping to breathe. Or like swimming underwater without an oxygen cylinder and mask and without surfacing for a long time. Or like going through the hordes of tasks without sleeping or eating or shitting or drinking or even listening to a piece of heavenly music. Or like…hell…let me at once make clear … Continue reading Quest


Wish I could cry Uninhibited Like I used to, When I was a bit younger   What is this Conditioning That has dried up My share of tears   The draught seeps Within, slowly From without Just as water does   Parched is the throat So is the music In the veins and nerves Of desolate lands   Empty shells getting Buried on the seashore … Continue reading Catharsis

Questions I grapple with – Equality vs Freedom

There are no rights and wrongs in this world. There are only perspectives. Whoa! This is such a huge idea. Civilizations and societies have tried time and again to define the right and wrong, and there has to be order amongst the chaos. But the fact remains that there are perspectives and there are reasons, however twisted they might seem to anybody. There are no … Continue reading Questions I grapple with – Equality vs Freedom